Green Coffee

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Green Coffee Beans by the pound direct to you from Haiti

Our coffee beans are Coffee Arabica.

Haiti's climate, the growing regions’ mountain elevations, and the shade provided by the indigenous trees all provide the perfect growing environment for this precious bean. We are proud to introduce this coffee to you and to share the secret with coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

Region: Dondon, Haiti
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – washed

Arabica: Typica, Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Caturra
From CACEMUD & COPRACAD-Dondon- at 450-1250 meters

Dondon is a commune in the Saint-Raphaël Arrondissement, in the Nord department of Haiti

Region: Thiotte, Haiti 
Washing station: washing station 2820’, uniform screen size
Surrounding Vegetation: banana, plantain, cacao
Varietal = 100% Arabica typica – washed

Haiti’s Pine Forest is renown for coffee. The lush landscape is rare in Haiti. The Pine Forest is an active place — the main thoroughfare for the Saturday market.

Blue Pine Forest is classically Caribbean in every sense — chocolatey sweet with mellow citrus-highlights. It’s a perfect cup for those who like to ease into the day or relax with a coffee after work. A medium-dark roast reveals a rich, baker’s chocolate-caramel flavor with floral notes and dark fruit.